About Us

Zarcus Construction Nigeria Limited provides civil engineering, building and bridge construction. The company offers full services on road construction, bridge construction etc. The company also provides expatriate advice to young construction companies in Nigeria. Zarcus Construction Nig. Ltd, was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Enugu state, Nigeria and has branches in many states in Nigeria.

Zarcus Construction Nig. Ltd is an indigenous company and is managed by a team of Nigerians and Foreign experts to execute works by a qualified and well trained labour force is particularly aware of and committed to focus on health, safety and environment. Since inception of the company, we have handled different projects from government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private clients in building construction jobs awarded in the country. Zarcus Construction Nig. Ltd is committed to being an active and exemplary corporate citizen, and the company is mindful of and feels a sense of responsibility towards all staff as well as the society and environment of Nigeria. In Zarcus

Construction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) is not a task, but a corporate attitude with which all business activities are carried out. Zarcus Construction Nigeria Ltd. success is based on the shared values and committment of the men and women who are building the company’s future, on developing new technologies and on discovering creative innovative solutions. In Zarcus Construction Nig. Ltd., strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine care for one another. This team is maintained through a transparent work environment, positive mental attitudes and a share drive for success.

Furthermore, Zarcus Construction Nigeria Ltd. is one of the fast growing privately owned construction company in Nigeria that engages in building construction, road work and bridge construction and other civil engineering works regardless of the conditions clients can always rely on

Zarcus Construction Nigeria Ltd. to deliver according to engineering standard and specifications.

In conclusion, we are optimal in outdoor quality road construction, bridge construction and design and responsive to land use planning.